Impact of sound in experience design

Cracking the code on sound in experience design Written by Kevin Perlmutter & Anjali Nair of Made Music Studio with research partner Cyrus McCandless, PhD, Sentient Decision Science

The collaborative research by Sentient Decision Science and Made Music Studio, presented by Kevin Perlmutter and Anjali Nair, introduces groundbreaking insights into the profound impact of sound in experience design. The Sonic Humanism™ Spectrum, established through quantitative and intuitive methods, allows the comparison and measurement of Naturally Occurring and Designed Sounds based on their subconscious emotional appeal. The study reveals a significant correlation between the emotional appeal of a sound and the desire it evokes, emphasizing the importance of context-appropriate and emotionally resonant sound design within the broader experience.

The research challenges the notion of treating sound as an afterthought, urging designers to consider it as an integral component of their creative process. It emphasizes that well-crafted sound doesn’t just add value to businesses but also highlights the potential damage poor sound design can inflict on consumer loyalty and engagement. Beyond business implications, the study addresses larger public health concerns related to noise disturbances, advocating for a thoughtful approach to sound design that can mitigate the negative impact of Sonic Trash and contribute to a richer and simpler life and society.