Where can I buy Hand Pans?

For those captivated by the enchanting tones of hand pans, the search for these celestial instruments can lead through various avenues:

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1. Artisan Craftsmen and Builders: Explore independent artisans at markets, festivals, or online platforms like Etsy for unique, handcrafted hand pans.

2. Specialized Music Stores: Visit reputable music stores, both physical and online, that focus on unique and high-quality instruments.

3. Online Marketplaces: Platforms like Etsy and eBay offer diverse hand pan options, providing a chance to connect with sellers directly.

4. Hand Pan Workshops and Events: Participate in workshops or events where makers showcase their instruments, offering hands-on experiences.

5. Directly from Makers’ Websites: Many hand pan makers have official websites, allowing you to learn about their instruments and make direct purchases.

6. Musician Communities and Forums: Engage with hand pan communities online for insights, recommendations, and opportunities to buy pre-owned instruments.

7. Custom Orders and Waiting Lists: Consider custom orders from makers who provide this service, allowing you to personalize your instrument.

8. Secondhand and Pre-Owned Options: Explore secondhand markets for more affordable hand pan options, ensuring the instrument’s condition.

Note: When exploring hand pans for sound healing, consider those with mellow and resonant tones, like the Integral or Celtic minor scales, as they can enhance the therapeutic qualities of the instrument.