Is sound healing a form of meditation?

Sound healing, in its essence, shares a kinship with meditation, offering a contemplative journey that transcends the auditory realm. Like meditation, sound healing invites individuals into a state of focused awareness, where the mind releases its grasp on external stimuli, and one becomes immersed in the present moment. The melodic vibrations, whether from singing bowls, gongs, or chanting, act as anchors, guiding the mind into a state of deep receptivity. The rhythmic cadence of sound becomes a pathway to inner stillness, akin to the breath in traditional meditation practices. The transformative power of sound extends beyond the auditory experience, resonating with the core principles of meditation — a journey inward, a connection to the present, and an exploration of the profound interplay between sound and consciousness. In this shared realm of mindful exploration, sound healing unfolds as a harmonious form of meditation, offering a unique pathway to inner tranquility and self-discovery.