Healing with Frequencies – The New Frontier in Energy Medicine

Healing with Frequencies – The New Frontier in Energy Medicine by Dr. Gerald H. Smith

The study of music’s impact on the human body gained scientific traction in 1988 when biochemist Dr. Glen Rein conducted a groundbreaking experiment. He exposed DNA vials to different types of music, including Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, classical, and rock, and measured UV light absorption, a crucial indicator of healthy DNA function. The results demonstrated that Gregorian and Sanskrit chants had notably positive and healing effects, increasing UV light absorption by 5 to 9 percent. Classical music showed slight increases, while rock music decreased UV light absorption, potentially harming DNA. This research reinforced the idea that sound frequencies significantly influence health. Further exploration into Solfeggio frequencies revealed profound mental, emotional, and physical effects, establishing music therapy as a recognized health profession for therapeutic interventions. To comprehend the uniqueness of Solfeggio frequencies and their distinctions from other tones, an understanding of the Schumann resonance is crucial.