Guided Meditation: A Gateway to Greater Physical and Mental Wellbeing       

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Meditation is a simple practice that is available to all. When done correctly, it can reduce stress, increase calmness, and promote mental clarity and happiness. Despite all these benefits, many people feel overwhelmed at the thought of meditation. This is why we have guided meditation, making it easier to start.

In this article, we explore guided meditation in detail to evaluate its merits and how it can benefit you to lead a healthier life, both physical and mental.

What is Guided Mediation?

It is easy to assume what guided meditation entails from the name itself. It is a meditation session when you are guided by someone else. Usually, an experienced guide helps you navigate through the chaos of thoughts and walks you through a series of breathing exercises to practice meditation.

Additionally sound healing meditation also helps people to create mental imagery of something positive that helps them focus on breathing. There are several ways to guided meditation; you can work directly with the sound healer or listen to any sound meditation course like the podcast, video, or in-studio class.

Traditional meditation is difficult for most people as they cannot take control of their minds willfully. The Guided Mediation session helps them concentrate on relaxing and meditating rather than worrying about the technique of the form. It takes the pressure off, and you enjoy meditating like any other fun activity.

How to find a guide? 

While the digital world makes it difficult to disconnect from all the noise and meditate peacefully, it does offer some perks. You can will easily find a guide to start for Guided Mediation. There are several options to choose from:

Podcasts : There are several podcasts available that offer you learning and practice opportunities through simple 15-minute guides. Many meditation podcasts are available on Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. But you have to be wise with your choice of content, as not all podcasts will work for you. Only through trial and error, you can know what works for you.

Apps : A Cognitive and Behavioral Practice study in 2018 found that apps can be helpful for mental health. There are several guided meditation apps available that help you with meditation. However, researchers found that not all popular apps provide the most benefit. You have to find the best apps through trial and error.

Yoga studios : If you enjoy being surrounded by people, try guided meditation at all yoga studios, where an experienced yoga guru will help you navigate various meditation techniques.

Sound Healing Course : There are many Sound healing courses available on the Internet Marketplace today. This sound mediation course is self-paced, and you can follow through quickly. They can guide you through various stages of meditation to better connect with your inner self. These courses are best for you if you are continuously struggling with self-meditation.

The Process 

Guided meditation makes it much easier to find the best process of meditating that helps you get over the feeling of mental discomfort you initially experienced.

Meditation is about taking charge of your mind and thoughts. It is natural for your mind to wander at the beginning, even when a guide is helping you. Do not force yourself; if you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts, focus on what your body tells you. Most people mistake meditation for entirely stopping the thought process or emptying the mind. That’s not possible. When you find yourself getting lost, acknowledge the thought and return to mindful breathing as soon as possible.

How Guided Meditation helps in Physical & Mental Wellbeing?

With guided meditation, you can gradually learn to keep your mind centered. Meditation is not a rigorous exercise, nor should it feel like one. Enjoy the process and let yourself experience what your body and mind tell you.

Meditation is not only a great way to reduce stress fast, but it also has several other physical and mental benefits. It teaches you to focus on being calm and relaxed when feeling overly anxious or stressed.

It increases your self-awareness and helps you reduce negative emotions that can kill your productivity and induce depression. On the physical front, meditation is a great way to bring your blood pressure under control through breathing exercises. It regulates the flow of oxygen in the body and offers cardiac benefits. Regular meditation can lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure and improve sleep quality.


Remember that once the guided meditation part of the meditation ends, you must not immediately get back into the hectic pace of your daily life. Remain in the moment of the feeling and energy you have created with meditation. You should gradually be reawakened to the world around you. If you are successfully able to meditate continuously, you will not only clear your mind but also experience renewed invigoration.

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