School of Sound Therapy


Learn how to use the Healing Power of Sound!
Sound Therapy is an ideal, non-invasive healing modality that complements traditional medicine and alternative disciplines as well as being a therapeutic modality in its own right.

Become a unique Sound Therapist
With a grounded approach and a focus on factual aspects, this refined Sound Therapy Practitioner Training will accompany you on a journey.

You will develop your unique way of working with Sound in a therapeutic setting with competence and professionalism.

This is a part-time training. The content is spread over the course of one year to facilitate the integration of each step and allow time for the assignments and case studies.


This is for you if:

You are interested in the healing power of Sound

You are a therapist, yoga teacher, doula, coach, body-worker, medical professional, energy healer, musician who wants to integrate Sound Healing in your practice, classes, or events.

You want to offer 1 on 1 Sound Therapy Sessions.

You want to join one of the most rapidly growing fields in the alternative healing industry.


This Training will teach you to:
Use Tuning Forks and Metal Singing Bowls as therapeutic tools to address a variety of health issues.

Work with Sound therapeutically in a confident and competent way
Be able to provide and hold a safe healing space.

Develop the inner qualities and interpersonal skills necessary to work with others
Grow and develop yourself as you embody your connection with the element of Sound.




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