A Sound Healing Guide for Yoga Teachers

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If you’ve read our article on “Sound Healing with Yoga” then you know that we here at Sound Healers wholeheartedly support sound and music in the yoga classroom!

Surprise, surprise!

The inclusion of proper healing sounds and music can really enhance the space (both external and internal) in which you and your students are practicing. It drowns out distracting background noises, it calms the nervous system, and increases mental concentration. It can really prime both teacher and student for an out-of-this-world experience.

What’s more…sound healing actually is a branch of Yoga, called Nada Yoga. That is, connection to internal and external healing sounds unlocks a portal to realization of tranquility, self-love, and higher truth. The union of sound is well…Yoga!

But with all the options for healing sounds and music out there in the world, how do you know which ones to choose?

Whether you are a teacher or just wanting to enhance your own practice, here is a guide to help you consciously choose which sound elements to incorporate:

  • Chanting

This is a powerful practice that instantly raises one’s frequency. It combines ahata nada (external sound) and anahata nada (internal sound) of Nada Yoga. That is because of its direct connection to prana “life force energy,” which is said to emanate from the breath. Chanting a mantra or the universal sound of “Om” at the beginning and/or the end of your class gets everyone on the same page. It brings everyone into presence. It raises the awareness of sound and breath. The human voice is one of the most powerful healers and heart-openers that we have!

  • Natural Soundscapes

There is an abundance of natural soundscape recordings out there. These are wonderful tools for Yoga practice. Not only do they enrich the practitioners’ connection to nature, but each one has a unique effect that may match your intention for class. While birdsong is known to reduce stress and promote playfulness, fire sounds are proven to increase feelings of strength and power. Water sounds, such as rain and rivers, are known to lower blood pressure and regulate emotions. Moreover, each element (earth, water, fire, air) corresponds with a Chakra, so may enhance their emotional associations as well.

  • Instruments
    • Drums are the first instrument in human history. They have a more rhythmic, primordial sound. They resonate with Muladhara (the Root Chakra). They both energize and ground at the same time. Research actually shows that rhythmic energy like drumming synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. If your intention is to provide a sense of stability, strength, and groundedness in your practice then this the instrument for you!
    • Singing bowls have a beautiful, brassy harmony that easily bring peace and healing into any space. Depending on the bowl and its frequency, they emit different energies and resonate with different Chakras. But overall, they activate the Sacral Chakra (think of their bowl shape as similar to the Sacral Chakra organs). If you intention is to promote nervous system regulation and awakening of creativity, go with singing bowls.
    • String instruments, such as the violin, guitar, and sitar, have a delicate, yet powerful sound. They can be deeply moving to the soul. They connect to the Navel Chakra, the power center, as they require a steady hand and immense motivation to master. So, if you are in the mood for a motivational, strengthening practice, play your favorite string instrument.
    • Chimes work with the wind element. They give a lighter, airy quality and resonate with the Heart Chakra. You can think of how the instrument itself dances in the wind. They are sweet and gentle. For a soft, heart-opening practice that evokes feelings of love and compassion, chimes are your friend.
    • Tuning forks, much like singing bowls, can resonate with a particular Chakra depending on that fork’s frequency. They are often found in sets of 7, one for each Chakra. Yet, because of the lightness of their vibration, their overall resonance is with the higher frequencies (Throat and Third-Eye Chakra).

There are thousands of recordings of each of these instruments that work wonders in the Yoga classroom. But, the most powerful resonance is from live instruments, as their vibratory effects are directly present. So, consider teaming up with a sound healer to offer live asana sound baths! Check out our directory for sound healers near you.

  • Music

Songs can also really enhance the flow of your Yoga class. But it’s not just about picking your favorite artist. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t play something like death metal. But there are some less obvious tips for choosing the right playlist:

    • Lyrics – Pick music with soft lyrics or no lyrics at all. Words can be distracting and take away from the present experience of each yogi.
    • Order is key! Select a playlist that matches the intentions of your lesson. If you’re teaching a Vinyasa Flow, pay attention that the songs in your playlist follow an arch that enhances this. Or, if you’re teaching a Yin Yoga class, stick with calming music. And always end on a subtle, simple note for Shivasana.
    • Solfeggio frequencies are “key” to ensuring your music provides a healing, supportive atmosphere to the practice. The music industry standard is 440Hz, which according to scientific tuning may be aggravating and irritating effects. On the other hand, music attuned to 432Hz (most in alignment with the natural human voice) or any of the other Solfeggio frequencies (each with a particular resonance to each Chakra) is far more harmonious and healing. To easily tune your Yoga playlist to the Solfeggio frequency of your choice, download HZP!


And of course, don’t overthink it! Once you create more consciousness around sound + music, you will effortlessly become inspired to what moves you!

We hope this helps!


Sound Healers


If you’re a yoga teacher looking to collaborate with a sound healer, check out our directory for a sound healer near you!

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