639 Hz for Inviting Love In, Heart Healing, and Reparation of Relationships

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At some point in our lives we will all experience heartbreak. Whether we are mourning the loss of a relationship, the betrayal of a dear friend, or missing lost loved ones, the struggles of the heart can be some of the most painful to undergo. 

Trauma from toxic relations of all kinds cause us to place walls around ourselves, blocking us from connection and causing us to feel isolated. 

Regardless of the circumstances, break ups are always painful. We go into relationships hoping they will work out, and when they don’t, we’re left discouraged and alone. 

Healing from these experiences takes time. It’s a journey, and requires quite a bit of self reflection and care. Throughout this process, listening and meditating with 639 Hz music can be an excellent way to support healing. 

Since time immemorial, humans have realized the connections between music and wellness. We’ve all experienced those moments when a piece of music gives us chills, or completely elevates our mental state. Science is just beginning to catch up to what our souls have always known, and several promising studies are underway. 

To understand why Solfeggio Frequencies produce more positive effects on the body and mind, we look to the Schumann resonance. Discovered by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, the Schumann Resonance mathematically documented the electromagnetic connection between earth and the ionosphere. He discovered that the electromagnetic waves resonated at about 8Hz. Essentially, this is the Earth’s heartbeat. 

The various Solfeggio Frequencies, including 639 Hz resonate in harmony with the Schumann Resonance of 8 Hz. They help relax us, and attune us to the frequency of nature. Each specific frequency has impacts different energy meridians within the body, according to sound healers and experts on frequencies.

639 Hz is known as the frequency of love. It resonates with the Heart Chakra and its color association is Green. It cleanses and balances the heart chakra and assists in removing blockages as well as stagnant energy. 

The 639 Hz vibrations are believed to support the creation of harmony within intimate personal relationships. A great way to utilize this frequency is within relationships as it can be supportive of dealing with conflict and problems. 

The 639 Hz can be used to create harmonious communication amongst family, friends, and even coworkers. 

For example, if you and your partner have just had an argument that left one or both of you feeling hurt, take a break from the conversation and play some of your music tuned to 639 Hz on your HZP Solfeggio Music Player. After at least 20 minutes, attempt to return to the conversation with your partner with a more calm, open, and compassionate heart. 

This frequency enhances the ability to communicate in a healthy and compassionate way. It encourages a more tolerant, loving, and sympathetic energy. It will help you interact from a heart centered place in order to reach more understanding and resolve conflict. 

On top of conflict resolution within interpersonal relationships, 639 Hz can help you release negative feelings within your heart. If you’re healing from the ending of a relationship, this frequency is so supportive.

In order to make room for new love, it’s crucial to remove negativity and heal from past experiences. To invite new loving relationships into our life we must first create that space, and approach relationships with an open heart. 

Listening to music in the 639 Hz frequency can be extremely supportive of heart healing. To experience the benefits, try listening to this frequency for 20 or more minutes a day in conjunction with meditation and breath work focusing on your heart center, or heart chakra space. 

With the HZP Solfeggio music player you can even listen while at work, or while driving in your car making it even easier to experience the benefits in your everyday life. 

Fortunately the ability to listen to all of your songs at Solfeggio Scales just got a lot easier! 

With HZP you can adjust the frequency of any music you have on your personal devices to enhance your listening experience. HZP allows you to experience your favorite songs in any of the Solfeggio Frequencies so that you can explore what resonates with your unique mind, body, and spirit. 

For the first time, you can unlock the healing potential of these frequencies at home from any device – making ancient medicine accessible for modern times. This new software is perfect for DJ’s, meditations, mindful gatherings of all kinds. Download HZP today to see how listening to music at any of the healing frequencies will benefit you. We believe you’ll love what you hear! 

Head on over to https://hzplayer.com/download to find the right player for your device!

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