5 Benefits of Listening to 528 Hz Music

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Of the known Solfeggio frequencies, the frequency 528 HZ has healing powers beyond the mind.  It’s able to directly influence the physical body and makings of a human.  Don’t believe that?  Read on.


Like many others, when I heard about the healing power of sound, I was skeptical.  Upon actually learning the mechanisms behind this treatment method, I quickly became a believer.  Solfeggio frequencies have been clinically proven to interact with the cells within our bodies.  Because the definition of a frequency is the rate per second of a vibration (that creates a sound wave), it can be better understood how a physical manifestation that is vibration can actually influence physical matter such as cells within the body, by way of said vibration.  

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A 2016 study  actually examined how music was able to alter cell viability and motility.  Astonishingly, the study revealed that certain noises could influence cell death, whereas other noises of differing frequencies, could promote positive effects on cells.  Put quite simply, sound directly heals the body through cell influence.  Different sounds of differing hertz, are able to produce different effects.


Specifically, the Solfeggio Frequency of 528 Hz has physical healing implications on the human body.


1. Helps with healing and restoring the body

As mentioned above, this frequency is able to directly interact with the cells in our bodies.  Our cells are composed of 70% water, and wouldn’t you know? What better medium to carry out vibrations, than water.  In this way the water that makes up a majority of our cells acts as a conductor, carrying out therapeutic healing waves throughout the body.  The frequency 528 Hz is one that provides physiological vibrations to positively influence the behavior of our cells, and encourage healing and restoration within the body.


2. Reduces Stress

A recent study examined the implications of the frequency of 528 Hz on stress, and its findings were impressive.  They directly measured reduction of stress through measuring sound response on the endocrine and autonomic nervous system.  Findings concluded that, “Based on salivary biomarkers, electrocardiogram, and a mood state questionnaire, we found that stress levels were reduced following five minutes’ exposure to 528 Hz music.” Further clinical implication of the healing power of this specific frequency.


3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Another study which further supports sound’s influence on physiological aspects of the human body, studied the response of rats’ blood pressure in response to musical stimuli.  Higher frequencies such as 528 hz was proven to decrease blood pressure in rats, further supporting evidence that high frequency sound suppresses sympathetic nervous system activity that is stress, and high blood pressure.  See the study, here


4. Reduces the Effects of Alcohol


This one may be especially hard to believe, I know for me I wanted to double, triple fact check this finding.  Again, because cells are influenced by alcohol it shouldn’t be surprising that vibration of sound has the ability to influence damage to cells onset by such alcohol.  The Journal of addiction and research therapy studied the frequency 528 hz on the present level of ethanol in cells and their findings were unbelievable. “The results of LDH assay indicated that this sound wave (528 Hz with 80 intensity) can reduce lactate dehydrogenase activity in astrocyte cell culture.”  Again, the specific frequency of 528 hz is able to directly and physically positively influence the makings and actions of our cells.  Could music actually be a treatment option for a hangover? Take the time to be amazed like I was by reading up on the study, here 


5. Promotes reproductive function

The frequency 528 hz has been proven to increase levels of testosterone in the brain, via a study that looked at how increased testosterone levels were able to cause anxiety levels to decrease.  While the findings were conclusive of reduced anxiety on the basis of higher testosterone levels, another implication was found in this study.  Testosterone is not only responsible for brain function, and reducing high stress hormones in the body, but ideal levels of testosterone correlate with positive reproductive health also.  Findings that the frequency of 528 Hz increases testosterone is to also say that 528 Hz is able to promote reproductive function.


Whether the special Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz is helping the body repair damaged cells, reducing the effects of a hangover, or increasing your chances at reproductive success, it can’t be denied that this frequency has undeniable, unprecedented healing implications on the human body.  While more research needs to be done on such an emerging discovery, the evidence available by the research provided is highly indicative of not only the healing power of sound, but its unique and specific implications.


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