Healing with the Sounds of the Cosmic Forces of Nature, the Kemetic Neteru


KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing uses tuning forks and chimes that are tuned with the Celestial Vibrations of our Solar System.

We also utilize tuning forks tuned to the Solfeggio system and other frequency systems.

This form of sound healing is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & builds on Principles of Acupuncture. Tuning forks are placed directly on pain points, organs and/or organ meridians, chakras, extraordinary vessels and more. When there is an illness, pain, condition, or symptom of disease, that means there is a block in the flow of energy. The sounds are utilized to remove the block, thus restoring the flow of energy, and eliminating the obstacle to well being.

These tones correspond with the Cosmic Forces of Nature, the Neteru. the gods & goddesses of Ancient Kemet. Our Solar System, plus the majority of the constellations are in fact representations of gods and goddesses from Greek and Roman systems. This in turn corresponds with the original ennead of Ancient Kemet. KemeTones Cosmic Sound healing.

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