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Get ready for a fabulous experience. Sound healing has the power to create, move and shift energy. When alchemy bowls are played, they can help move us into higher energetic states. Alchemy crystal bowls initiate profound shifts in well-being, relaxation and awareness. The harmonic and pure tones made by alchemy singing bowls are not just heard by the ear, but by the whole body - with certain tones affecting your energy centers for meditation, balancing and healing. Because our bodies are also crystalline in structure, there can be overwhelming effects on the circulatory, metabolic and endocrine systems, as well as the organs, tissues and cells.

Intention + Frequency = Healing ❤️

This vibrational healing brings balance to the hemispheres of the brain, calms our nervous system, promotes deep sleep/relaxation, reduces stress/anxiety to make room for inner peace and connects us with our higher self. It's truly musical medicine that activates and awakens the soul!

This is a perfect experience for couples, a girl's weekend, bridal/bachelorette gathering, a women's retreat, or your own personal session. Allow yourself deep rest and rejuvenation with this service. Grit and Grace Meditation also offers other services such as yoga, meditation, crystal healing and more.  Let's connect today and create an experience that will be memorable.

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